On European level the Copernicus initiative works on a satellite-based Land Monitoring System (Land Monitoring Core Service, LMCS). LISA is the key contribution of Austria to the LMCS and therefore an important and essential element for this European Land Monitoring System. Objectives of the project are:

  • Intensive participation of public users and establishment of an interdisciplinary consensus meeting the demands of the Land Information System
  • Demonstration of the LISA data model in all federal states through the use of innovative technology as well as through an appropriate combination of satellite and airborne earth observation data with spatial thematic data
  • Consideration of the INSPIRE data specifications during the modelling of object-based data
  • Cost-efficiency through the use of modern technology and the use of existing spatial data infrastructure
  • Provision of an operational system for land monitoring in Austria
  • Use of the PlĂ©iades satellite system that is partly funded by Austria