LISA-1 – Development Phase

Under the leadership of the Austrian Environmental Agency, several experts of all federal states, the federal government (BMLFUW, LFRZ, UBA) and the European Topic Centre on Spatial Information and Analysis - ETC-SIA, have established essential requirements concerning the future of the Austrian Land Information System and specified the LISA data model.

The requirements have been transferred in a conceptional data model by the Austrian Environmental Agency and implemented in a physical database by the Technical University of Graz. GeoVille and Joanneum Research implemented the LISA data model in 48 Austrian test sites with a total surface of 3.000 km². Afterwards the data model as well as the mapping results have been validated by an independent scientific committee (Austrian Institute of Technology, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna, Technical University of Vienna) and presented to the user group for a final check. As a result of the LISA development phase a complete defined and user accepted data model is available.

LISA-1 at a glance
Main results LISA data model
Land cover data sets for 48 test sites
Land use data sets for 17 test sites
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Duration May 2009 – October 2010
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