LISA-2 – Completion Phase

During the completion phase (November 2010 – June 2012) LISA has been completed as an operational land observation solution . As an outstanding part of the solution a method to automatically produce a change detection of the LISA land use layer has been developed. Since then changes on the land surface can not only be mapped cartographically, but also quantitative statements can be derived. Besides, a method has been developed to generalize the automated derivation of CORINE-similar data sets through LISA land cover and land use data, especially to design and realize European reporting obligations.

Furthermore, based on the land cover and land use data sets, concepts for different areas of applications have been developed and demonstrated. The LISA land cover enables in combination with other geospatial data (property boarders, designation of areas) both a classification of construction methods in settlements and a fully automatic determination of building land and compaction according to statutory reporting obligations and represents therefore a significant data basis for spatial planning authorities. In addition, LISA provides a valuable contribution for assessing natural hazards. Especially damage potential of flood events or mass movements can be estimated. For these areas suitable services have been developed.

LISA-2 at a glance
Main results Development of methods
  • land cover change detection
  • generalization of LISA land cover to CORINE
Land cover change for 17 test sites
Development of demonstrative subsequent applications for LISA
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Duration November 2010 – June 2012
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