LISA mapping services – General Overview

Reflecting the work of the European GMES Land Monitoring System (Land Monitoring Core Service, LMCS) LISA is defined as a two-stage project, namely the LISA mapping service and the LISA subject application (see corresponding menu item):

LISA mapping

The LISA mapping based on the LISA data model has been developed by a complex process chain for a automate evaluation of orthophotos and satellite data. The LISA mapping includes the following performances:

  • Harmonized acquisition of land cover layers from satellite data, orthophotos and elevation data, which were derived from laser scanning and air borne images
  • Mapping of land cover by a combination of satellite images and orthophotos together with geospatial data from public administration
  • Automate acquisition of land cover change
  • Methods for aggregation of LISA land cover and LISA land use designed for applications on European level (e.g. support of CORINE-update)