User statements

  • Dr. Andreas Littkopf - Director, European Topic Centre Spatial Information and Analysis (ETC–SIA)

    “Due to the development of LISA, Austria is a pioneer in implementing a standardised land cover and land use model as well as a land monitoring solution which meets the European requirements.”

  • DI Heide Birngruber - Directorate of Regional Planning, Economic and Rural Development, Federal State Government of Upper Austria

    “Due to the strong cooperation within LISA between GIS experts of the federal governments and the Environment Agency Austria the structural prerequisites for standardised land monitoring for the whole of Austria could be established.

    Up-to-date information on land cover and land use is of high relevance for fulfilling spatial planning tasks, e.g. the implementation of the EU Floods Directive. From our perspective as a first step the production of land cover would be of highest interest. Through the Austrian wide availability of land cover possible synergies would arise and, with regard to the ÖREK 2011 (Austrian Spatial Development Concept), the basis for a spatial monitoring system would be laid.”

  • DI Peter Fercher, Head of Regional Planning, Federal State Government of Carinthia

    “Precise knowledge of land cover and land use is essential for activities in spatial planning, nature conservation and regional development.

    The biggest challenge consists of the continuous observation and evaluation of changes, in particular in the field of settlement development. The public administration has a huge interest in an Austrian wide model agreed by the federal state government and federal offices. This model shall efficiently process and use the existing data and enable the constant monitoring of spatial development at reasonable expenses.”

  • DI Manuela Weissenbeck - Regional and Municipal Development, Federal State Government of Styria

    „The constant spatial monitoring gains more and more importance for the evaluation of the existing spatial planning instruments. Standardised and comparable data on actual land cover and land use could substantially support this process. The observation should neither stop at the federal state border nor between disciplines. Austrian wide comparability would allow for the first time to benchmark regions and the versatile applicability in different departments. Through the LISA project it was possible to discuss the different approaches to this topic and to reduce it to a common denominator.”

  • DI Manfred Riedl – Head of the Department of Statistics and tiris, Federal State Government of Tyrol

    “The frequent changes of landscape and land use often happen unnoticed but may have multiple, in some cases drastic impacts. The monitoring of these changes in land cover and land use is absolutely essential to identify space-related trends, to analyze their effects and to react accordingly.

    Public organisations are therefore well-advised to support and implement the jointly designed monitoring system as a basis for their target-oriented activities.

    In this way the effort remains limited, the results are accessible to the public as well as comparable and generally accepted.”